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Our Repair Shop

We specialise in laptop hardware repair at component level. This entails soldering and desoldering through-hole and surface-mount devices onto PCBs, to an IPC-610 level 3 standard. We are able to bring completely dead devices back to life!

Computer systems are diagnosed using specialist software and hardware. A full hardware diagnostic sheet is provided on each repair.

Would you like a computer system built for you, to your own specifications? If yes, then message us. There is a year repair or replacement warranty on all our system builds.

If you need a repair or system build, please contact us by using our web-chat facility that pops up on this page. If none of our operators are available, then you can still use the web-chat facility to leave a message for a prompt response.

Thank you and we look forward to providing you with a quality service.

Our Online Shop

Binary Evolutions Ltd distributes computer systems and computer related products across the UK. Our service depot is currently situated on the Isle of Anglesey, we therefore can provide priority fast track delivery and support to Anglesey and surrounding areas.

Our low stock and refurbished items can be found by visiting our sister site ( or clicking the button below (special offers and discounts also apply):

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